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The WebSigCleveland.org is partnered jointly with the Cleveland Digital Publishing Users Group & the Greater Cleveland PC Users Group. WebSigCleveland.org provides monthly web development educational programs on the third Saturday of most months.

Email Notices: The SIG uses the Yahoo! Group websigcleveland (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/websigcleveland/) to send notices about the Web Development SIG. Sign up for the websigcleveland group to receive notices.

Website: You can use www.WebSigCleveland.org to come back to this web page. Please come back again for updates on meeting information. Please add the www.WebSigCleveland.org link to your website or blog, so that others can learn about us.

Notre Dame College, 4545 College Rd, South Euclid Check meeting announcement below for room details.

Leaders & Links:
Frank Mitch & Stuart Smith - Contact information & favorite websites

Cost: Free & open to all

Past Meetings: We are very proud that there has been an active web related SIG since the late 1990's.  Check out some of our history.

Upcoming events

    • 20 Feb 2016
    • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Room 123, Regina Complex, Notre Dame College, 1857 South Green Road, (formerly Regina High School building) South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4293

    Justine Timoteo (@JustineTimoteo) of Insivia (@Insivia), a strategic marketing agency, will present on the return on investment of web analytics.

    Analytics is a top priority for organizations, but one that is often ignored or misinterpreted. Knowing what tactics are working, how people are using your site, tracking goals and more, are imperative.

    Often, analytics is challenging, with an overwhelming amount of data, new features, and no clear way to understand what the information indicates. Our goal for the event is to provide a foundational level to understand analytics and see tactics for interpretation.

    Justine Timoteo is a Marketing Strategist at Insivia, who serves as a high-level advisor and go-to person for strategy and customer happiness. Most of her days are spent developing marketing plans that incorporate content strategy and creation, SEO, demand generation tactics, and marketing automation. 

    When she’s not developing successful strategies or reading up on the latest marketing trends, she’s off exploring Cleveland or adding stamps in her passport. Connect with Justine on Twitter and LinkedIn.

    Please see the meeting location map and directions for the room location.

    • 19 Mar 2016
    • 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Room 123, Regina Complex, Notre Dame College, 1857 South Green Road, (formerly Regina High School building) South Euclid, Ohio 44121-4293

    On March 19, 2016,  .Net developer Sam Nasr (@SamNasr) will do a presentation on  IoT and Azure

    Please join us to learn more about Internet of Things (IoT) and Microsoft Azure cloud services.

    Speaker Bio:

    Sam Nasr (@SamNasr) has been a software developer since 1995, focusing mostly on Microsoft technologies. Having achieved multiple certifications from Microsoft (MCAD, MCTS(MOSS), and MCT), Sam develops, teaches, and tours the country to present various topics in .Net Framework. He is also actively involved with the Cleveland C#/VB.Net User Group, where he has been the group leader since 2003. In addition, he also started the Cleveland WPF User Group, and an author for Visual Studio Magazine.
    When not coding, Sam loves spending time with his family and friends or volunteering at his local church.

    Please see the meeting location map and directions for the room location.

Past events

16 Jan 2016 WebSigCleveland.org - Business Model Canvas Suite
19 Dec 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - Introduction to Sass (stylesheet language)
21 Nov 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - How to be More Creative in Web Design
17 Oct 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - So You Think You Know Podcasting
19 Sep 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - Introduction to Web Application Vulnerability
15 Aug 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting in August
17 Jul 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting So Everyone Can Attend Cleveland GiveCamp
20 Jun 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting
16 May 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - Meeting rescheduled
18 Apr 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting
21 Mar 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - Akronist TV
21 Feb 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - What Content Management Systems Hath Wrought
17 Jan 2015 WebSigCleveland.org - Website Conversion: Stop Turning Visitors Away
20 Dec 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Designing a Community: Rethinking an Educational Website
15 Nov 2014 WebSigCleveland.org Meeting canceled
18 Oct 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Google Fusion Maps & Social Media Strategy
20 Sep 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Getting Started With Git
16 Aug 2014 Web Development SIG - No Meeting
18 Jul 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting So Everyone Can Attend Cleveland GiveCamp
21 Jun 2014 Web Development SIG - No Meeting
17 May 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Integrating UX in Agile
19 Apr 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Write the Right Words for the Internet – Words People Read®
15 Mar 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Search Engine Optimization in 2014
15 Feb 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Website Accessibility
18 Jan 2014 WebSigCleveland.org - Team Collaboration
21 Dec 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - Exploring Web 3.0
16 Nov 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - Developing Win8 Apps with HTML5
19 Oct 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - Introduction to HTML5 Part II
21 Sep 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - Intro to ExtJS and Sencha Touch
19 Jul 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - No Meeting So Everyone Can Attend Cleveland GiveCamp
15 Jun 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - Introduction to HTML5
18 May 2013 WebSigCleveland.org - HTML5 Video: Why & How
20 Apr 2013 Web SIG Cleveland - Photoshop Elements
16 Mar 2013 Web SIG Cleveland - Behind the Scenes at Cleveland Tech Events - Peeking at WordPress Management
16 Feb 2013 Web SIG Cleveland - Making Our Users Feel Great: The Psychology of Making Things Easy to Use
19 Jan 2013 Web SIG Cleveland - Rethinking SEO – Facts, Figures & Data
15 Dec 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Free Graphic Resources
17 Nov 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Current Developments in CSS
20 Oct 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Bootstrap, from Twitter
15 Sep 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Debugging Tools in Web Browsers
20 Jul 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Attend Cleveland GiveCamp!
16 Jun 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - C A N C E L E D
19 May 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Learning GIMP
21 Apr 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - C A N C E L E D
17 Mar 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Javascript/Stylesheet UI Toolkits - Why, Which and How?
18 Feb 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Website Performance
21 Jan 2012 Web SIG Cleveland - Responsive Web Design
17 Dec 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - Can you steal the action of thinking?
19 Nov 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - The Secret to Building Successful Websites by Marc A. Majers
15 Oct 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - WebMatrix
17 Sep 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - MVC for Web Designers and Developers
29 Jul 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - NOT MEETING so can attend: Cleveland GiveCamp
25 Jun 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - WordPress Course for GiveCamp Attendees
21 May 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - Usability Testing Basics: What's it All About?
16 Apr 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - Let's Talk About: getHIRED!
19 Mar 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - An Anatomy of a Web-based Application
19 Feb 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - Web Forms Made Super Easy!
15 Jan 2011 Web SIG Cleveland - Ustream: Webcasting for You
18 Dec 2010 Web SIG Cleveland - If It's for Free, It's for Me!
20 Nov 2010 Web Development SIG - WordPress
23 Oct 2010 Web Development SIG - Improving the Design of Your Sites
18 Sep 2010 Web Development SIG - Ultimate CSS Layout & Mega Menu
21 Aug 2010 Web Development SIG - No August Meeting
16 Jul 2010 Web Development SIG - ClevelandGiveCamp.org
19 Jun 2010 Web Development SIG - Ruby on Rails
15 May 2010 Web Development SIG - Three Ways to Get Your Web Development Project Back on Track
17 Apr 2010 Web Development SIG - HTML5/CSS3
20 Mar 2010 Web Development SIG - Presenting Panoramic Pictures
20 Feb 2010 Web Development SIG - jQuery: Practical magic for your web pages
16 Jan 2010 Web Development SIG - Google Chronicles
19 Dec 2009 Web Development SIG - Web Analytics
21 Nov 2009 Web Development SIG - Website Accessibility
17 Oct 2009 Web Development SIG - Color Theory for Website Design
19 Sep 2009 Web Development SIG - Google Chronicles
15 Aug 2009 Web Development SIG - No August Meeting
18 Jul 2009 Web Development SIG - No July Meeting
20 Jun 2009 Web Development SIG - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Best Practices
16 May 2009 Web Development SIG - Website Usability & Consumer Experience
18 Apr 2009 Web Development SIG - Open Source Content Management Systems: Joomla! & Drupal
21 Mar 2009 Web Development SIG - Fireworks Interactive Prototypes
21 Feb 2009 Web Development SIG - Using Social Networking to Drive Traffic to Your Website
24 Jan 2009 Web Development SIG - MySQL Database
20 Dec 2008 Web Development SIG - .Net’s Membership and Role Providers
15 Nov 2008 Web Development SIG - Website Usability
27 Oct 2008 Web Development SIG - Software Freedom Day Cleveland
20 Sep 2008 Web Development SIG - Accessibility - The Right Thing to Do
16 Aug 2008 Web Development SIG - No Meeting
19 Jul 2008 Web Development SIG - No Meeting
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